Erin Gartner has over a decade of experience in journalism and corporate communications. From fast-moving breaking news to longterm, multifaceted writing projects, she specializes in writing and editing engaging content that informs readers of all backgrounds.  

She recently earned a Certificate in UX Writing from the University of Washington. She also holds certificates in SEO, digital marketing, and social media in business, and bachelor's degrees in journalism and political science.  For details about her career and backgrouond, visit her LinkedIn profile.

The Associated Press
Erin was published in news outlets around the world as a reporter and editor at The Associated Press. She was most recently the lead supervising editor for the central U.S., working with dozens of reporters and state managers across 14 states to generate and execute story ideas each day.

She guided coverage of major breaking news, managed the region’s rewrite desk, and created an interactive system to write and maintain hundreds of background stories. She has coached writers of all levels to their best work, from veteran journalists to recent college graduates.

Amazon.com Inc.
Erin joined Amazon's corporate communications team in 2021. She focuses on editing and writing public-facing content, including globally distributed blog posts, press releases, and newsletters.

She has created writing classes attended by 500+ communications and public policy professionals, and edits business reports for C-suite executives.